[frequently asked

Q. I would like to schedule an interview with Isabel. How do I go about that?

A. Please send your request to assistant@isabelallende.com. We receive many requests, so we appreciate your patience in awaiting a response. Given that Isabel has been taking on fewer interviews in recent years, we also thank you for understanding if she is unable to accommodate your request.

Q. What are the two words that Belisa tells the Colonel in the story “Two Words” of Stories of Eva Luna?

A. The two words do exist, but we cannot tell you what they are. The point of the story is that these words are different for each person, so you have to find in your own heart those two magical words, only Belisa and the Colonel know what his words are. Isabel always responds the same way about these elusive words: the two words are your own two words, find them in your heart, the colonel’s are not for you to know. Thank you for reading Isabel’s story with an open heart and mind.

Q. I am visiting California and would like to visit Isabel. Is that possible?

A. Isabel adores her fans from around the world and is deeply thankful that they read her books with an open heart and mind. In an ideal world, she would have unlimited time and energy to meet and share tea with each of them. Unfortunately, however, that is not the case, and we do our best to help guard her privacy and energy so she can focus on what is most precious to her: her writing, her family and her foundation. Although Isabel is not able to meet with fans when they visit the San Francisco Bay Area, it is her fervent hope that they are as inspired as she is by the region’s beauty and the unique experiences it offers.

Q. I have a great story that I think would make a good book. How do I get my idea to Isabel?

A. Isabel is blessed with many readers wanting to share their stories with her. She emphasizes, however, that she doesn’t pick her characters and stories; instead, they pick her. And while she is touched by her fans’ belief in her ability to tell any story, she feels that the only stories she can tell are those that come to her in her dreams and grow in her own heart.

Q. I have written a book. Can you help me get it published?

A. Having published her first book in 1982 thanks to what she attributes to good luck, fortuitous timing and a brave agent (not to mention hard work), Isabel now finds herself far removed from the publishing world. She does, however, offer advice to aspiring authors here.

Q. I have written a book. Will Isabel write an introduction or a blurb?

A. Isabel has a strict policy of no longer writing book introductions or blurbs. She doesn’t even have enough time to give all the books that come through our office the attention they deserve.

Q. Our community is holding a book fair/conference/event and would like to invite Isabel to be a guest. Is this a possibility?

A. Send your request to assistant@isabelallende.com. Please keep in mind, that while Isabel reviews every invitation, she is trying to lead a more private life these days, and wishes to focus her time and energy on her writing, her family and her foundation. As a result, she is generally not available to attend book fairs, conferences and other events.

Q. How can I found out when Isabel will be visiting my city, country, etc.?

A. We post all of Isabel’s upcoming appearances on her calendar, found here.